What We Do

To preserve, create and scale good jobs takes strategic partners with a global reach who love to compete, campaign, and win. We will bring you relationships that deliver power and competence in navigating and shaping fluid regulatory environments at the local, state, and federal level. We can advise and introduce you to financing solutions that help you get what you need to get to the next level of growth.

We will shape partnerships that give you a market edge in workforce training, development, and retention. With decades of experience, the GrowthSquared team will work with you to understand your goals, your market, and how to develop and execute a strategic plan to campaign, organize, and deliver outcomes.

At GrowthSquared, we take decades of proven results driving innovation and change, utilizing our unique relational arbitrage across the top leadership of the private and public sector.

“We create and execute powerful value adding partnerships between executives, entrepreneurs and investors from a broad range of sectors with labor unions and mission allies.”

Relationship Building

We know a lot of people who understand power and how it works. We believe the way to manage and overcome today’s market and regulatory paralysis and challenges is building mission aligned relationships and partnerships. We are change agents who have spent decades repurposing underutilized assets and capacity to build power to achieve both incremental progress and major social, political and economic impacts. In a world of tweets, we choose to move with deeper intent and longer-range perspective to create trust and action-based engagement with people who want to make transformation happen in our markets and communities.

We unlock value by listening and seek to understand and develop common ground around shared self-interest. We then take shared action made more powerful by the strategic utilization of combined capacity. We enjoy creating unlikely pairings who may have never considered the other’s value or perspective, nor understood how to collaborate.  We like finding better solutions that disrupt entrenchment to better serve the planet and the dignity of its inhabitants.

“We all do better when we all do better.”

Strategic Advisory Services

Building on our decades of experience, we have a unique global perspective on many sectors with the ability to also understand and impact local market forces. We know how to understand and manage crisis, and offer a range of pragmatic and aspirational action plans grounded in our point of view and our client’s best interests.

Our clients seek new pathways to be a value adding partner in an ever changing economic environment. Clients include:

  • Multi-national multi-billion dollar companies
  • Investment firms in both traditional and highly disruptive economic models
  • Mid-level firms
  • Start ups
  • Unions

Financial Solutions

Entrepreneurs and investors seeking to launch, scale and preserve companies need a broad array of customized support. We utilize our understanding of and relationships to a variety of institutional investment institutions from banks to asset managers, financial consultants, high net worth networks, pension fund administrators and trustees, and government leaders to explore debt and equity financing solutions for our client companies and allied firms.

Through our President’s independent role as a registered representative of a FINRA registered broker dealer, he has raised tens of millions of Taft Hartley fund dollars into innovative private equity products focusing on resource efficiency investments.

“We’ve helped clients structure solutions for financing public private partnerships in the infrastructure arena, green development initiatives that have created thousands of jobs and new standards in markets across the country, and more.”

We are in a regular dialogue with public and private institutional investors about how to craft viable finance solutions that deliver strong returns while driving economic and climate recovery.

Market Adoption

We bring a campaigner’s curiosity, passion, and execution capacity to business development. We are trained problem solvers who understand the complexities of markets and relevant forces. We utilize unique skill sets honed by decades of running campaigns to win everything from union elections to Presidential campaigns to offer our client companies strategies that help launch and scale their companies.

At GrowthSquared, we don’t just think outside the box, we know how to deliver powerful execution of strategies that propel our clients into successful victories against much larger incumbent players stuck in legacy models.”